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Does External Wall Insulation Make A Difference?

External Wall Insulation can provide many benefits to your home including;, saving on heating bills, reducing heat loss and increasing warmth, reducing condensation and mould spores, reducing noise pollution and outside noise improving kerb appeal and possibly most importantly increasing the overall value of your home. Reduce Heating Bills by up to 45% with External Wall Insulation

*All figures are taken from the Energy Saving Trust website.

WITH External Wall Insulation

In the diagram, the house on the left is mostly blue which means the area is cold. This means that little or no heat is escaping through the external walls of the property. This semi-detached property has had a Nesture External Wall Insulation solution installed. There is a clear difference between this side of the property and the one on the right which has not had External Wall Insulation installed.

There are still some yellow areas visible, meaning some heat is escaping, however, this is due to windows not being as efficient as retaining the heat as solid wall insulation.

WITHOUT External Wall Insulation

The right-hand side of the diagram depicts a semi-detached home showing a lot of red and yellow areas which suggests there is a lot more heat escaping from the walls than in the property on the left.

The stronger red areas below the windows upstairs and beside the front door are areas where radiators are located.

Increase Property Value with External Wall Insulation

By installing solid wall insulation in your home, you could increase the property value by an average 14-38% depending on where you live in the UK.

For the average home, improving the appearance through external wall insulation could mean potentially adding £16,000 to the sale value of the property.

In the North East of England, this value could increase by over £25,000 and in the North West, you could see an increase of up to £23,000 added to the value of your home.

*According to GOV.UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Will External Wall Insulation add value to my home?

Yes, it will renew and improve the appearance of your home , increase its kerb appeal whilst weatherproofing and increasing the life of your walls by protecting the brickwork. Also, external wall insualtion will lower your heating bills, reduce your noise level, improve your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and reduce your carbon footprint.

Will External Wall Insulation save on my heating bills?

Yes, it will save on average up to £455 per year depending on the property type.

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